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What is?

WhatsApp Super Filter?

A distinctive tool that contains a group of WhatsApp services, which we are unique in terms of speed, performance, and quality, using WhatsApp Web-only and without the need to use emulators.

WhatsApp Super filter tool, which helps you to quickly and easily identify the numbers that use WhatsApp, as you can filter 1000 numbers in a maximum of 10 seconds.

WhatsApp Business Filter tool, which helps you to identify the numbers that use regular WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business in detail at the same speed.

 A tool to generate random numbers to be used in the filter.

Technical support 24/7, in addition to continuous updates, to keep up with WhatsApp updates.

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Follow these 3 Steps and generate WhatsApp Filter Leads for WhatsApp Marketing!

Import File

Connect your whatsapp account with the WhatsApp Filter software and then upload any file of numbers to start filtering. Make sure to put country code before the numbers so it can be filtered correctly.

Start Filtering

Once you click on “Start” after uploading the file, WhatsApp Super Filter will start filtering all the numbers of any country or area you want.

Export Leads

After filtering all numbers from Whatsapp super filter software, export the leads. It will export both active and non-active WhatsApp numbers. After exporting the leads, you can use it to send bulk WhatsApp messages through WhatsApp marketing campaigns.


Select Package

Choose the plan that's best for you

Both the packages are only for a Single PC license.

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